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Hey! My name is Sam (he/him) and I play bass for Her Majesty.  My upbringing through music was strongly influenced by my dad (who has been in bands his whole life) who introduced me to a lot of 80's hair metal bands, some metal bands, and some classic blues rock when I was much younger and really shaped the types of music I enjoy today. 

I started off on drums at the age of 10 when I got my first drum set for Christmas. I didn't know it then, but that really kicked off my love for music. Over the years, I never branched out of the drums until I was asked to join Her Majesty as the bass player. I spent the next couple years (still am) learning how to play bass and dedicating myself to my bandmates.

Being brought up as a metal head, my favorite bands include Slayer, DragonForce, Deicide, Iron Maiden, Power Trip, Brocas Helm, Metallica, Emperor, and Immortal, among COUNTLESS others. Once joining Her Majesty, a new love for something completely different was beginning to take shape in my mind. Bands like the Dead Kennedys, the Smut Peddlers, Misfits, and Agent Orange make me realize the importance of sharing a message through the medium of music.


Sam, looking pissed behind the kit at the Milk Parlor, Blacksburg VA.
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